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Last Updated: 01.19.2001

"Urge to kill rising..." -Homer J. Simpson

<<Blaring Trumpet Fanfare>>
What's all the hoopla about? My Holy Quest has been accomplished. For those of you that don't remember I had made it my Holy Quest to get a copy of the unedited version of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. I announced my Holy Quest around the time of the movie's release on VHS (Dec 12). After awhile I put it on hold because it was just too tough to get a hold of.
((Time passes))
I'm talking with my good ol' savior, NEZ, and he says,

"Hey, I'm getting the Batman Beyond now. It's 190 megs in avi format. And It'll take about 25 min for me to get it from him >:)"

After I cursed him for being on a cable modem I asked if I could have it; he said yes. Of course I was super happy to download it from him. It took me over thirty hours, but I got it and loved it. Getting the movie did have a consequence, though. I am now a slave and groveling worshiper of the almighty NEZ-Leader. I'm getting used to the gruel, but the constant lashings from the whip irritate my delicate skin, hehe.

Why would I start the update with that kind of quote then? That would be because I'm not going to Genericon (an anime, RPG, and video game convention). It's three measly hours from my house, but I don't drive. A friend and I had made plans weeks ago to go to the convention. He was supposed to pick me up and drive me there (he goes to the school where the convention is being held at). Well, guess what? He never brought his car to school, and he tells me this yesterday (Genericon's today). That means I miss the convention while that fooligular has fun at it. I have asked my lord, the almighty NEZ-Leader to smite him.

Hmmm... let's see. What else can I say? Well, in the line of site news the server's up and in good condition. Oh yeah, I'm getting a little bored. I'm thinking of getting creative (uh oh). Other than that nothing's really new from this front. The collection of MP3s is ever growing BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

One last thing, your time for getting a cool arrangement of To Far Away Times from Chrono Trigger is running out. I'll get rid of it soon. Go check out the forum to take advantage of this limited offer.

As usual I don't have a PS2, and, as usual, I'm uploading MP3s. That's about it for now.

Neo-Death signing off