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Dreamcast Downloads
A hacked save file This is kind of nifty if you own the Dreamcast version of DOA2, which Neo-Death does. This has the age setting set to 255, instead of the 99 max. This means that certain parts of my anatomy will bounce more. The time's been pumped up to 999:59:59 in case anything is time locked. There's a new segment in the opening naked...I wonder how that got there? There are also some other little things. You know, I'm not sure about this anymore. I don't think I want lots of eyes looking at me that way... I guess I can't do anything about it though. To download it straight to your VMU come on over with you Dreamcast and click the above link.

Other Downloads

DOA Manga Part 1 2.06 MB This is a really cool manga done by Akira. It stars me and has lots of other characters, including Lei Fang. Here's your chance to see the us compete in the Martial Arts Swimsuit competition. It's pretty long so make sure that you have plenty of reading time. It comes in four zips files for 76 pages of DOA goodness. Enjoy.
DOA Manga Part 2 1.91 MB
DOA Manga Part 3 2.00 MB
DOA Manga Part 4 2.16 MB

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