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MP3 Links Great site that posts just about any anime or game MP3 that you can imagine.

Squaresoft MP3 Central

Good site with tons of Squaresoft related MP3s. He takes requests and housed the Collesium, check it out.

Falchion's Music Cavern

This site seems fairly new, but it has a great layout and a lot of potential. Keep an eye on this one.
Gamingforce Audio This site has tons of stuff from full albums to WinAmp Skins. It's nice and easy to navigate. It not only has cool downloads but news on upcoming releases. Definetely go check this one out.
Dark Wraith's Anime Lair Good site that has anime MIDIs and MP3s.
U.N.I.T.E.D Fighting Game Has a great discussion board. Find characters there and get all your MUGEN questions answered.
MUGEN Character News It's a Japanese site that has links to tons of characters.
Mugen4Ever This is the site to look for anything MUGEN related.
Elecbyte The homepage of the creators of MUGEN.
Video Game Links Quite possibly the best site out there for info on video games, movies, sci-fi, cool stuff like portable MP3 players, etc. This is another good site for video game info. ditto
Anime Links
Anime Web Turnpike The Turnpike has links to sites based on tons and tons of anime series.
The Anime Pitstop Another great site with links to tons of other sites.
Planet Namek Excellent Dragonball Z site with tons of multimedia and news about the happenings in the anime world.