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Last Updated: 01.24.2001

"Pinocchio, why are you carrying that shotgun?"

Very odd quote. I like odd, though. Odd keeps life interesting.

I am now expected to rant with each update. It's pretty odd (I just realized that I've said the word odd again, sorry). I guess it's nice to know that people care about what I think, but it means more work for me. I am, by nature a very lazy person, and my writing ability stinks. Oh well, let's get on with the ranting.

I've got some bad news*, which is good news for me, but bad news for all my visitors. I start classes again on the 29th. This is good; because I've been missing out on college life for the past semester, but it's bad because I don't have a computer. That's going to make updating the site very tough. I really can't count on my lazy brother to upload MP3s to NEZ-Leader's ftp server, but I'll try to make him do it. *-Red is for evil

The comic was also received well, that's cool. I think I'll keep updating them for now. Of course, when I'm at school I won't have my computer to use as an artistic crutch. I draw very very badly. I'll try to update while I'm at school.

And now today's comic:

The Comic


Ha, that's cool, I haven't ranted much today. Sorry to all my loyal readers that like to listen to me endlessly babble. It's late and ranting requires work and thought. I need sleep. Sleep is good. "Sleep, that's where I'm a Viking." -Ralph Wiggum

As usual I don't have a PS2, and, as usual, I'm uploading MP3s. That's about it for now.

Neo-Death signing off