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Hello game music lovers,

          I am NEZ-Leader, and I will be hosting for Neo-Death's site. I have a vast array of game music and the list keeps growing.

          If you enjoy music like I do, then you'll be happy at the collection I have myself, then backed up with Neo's MP3's he's uploading my way.

          Now I only have a few rules with my site, they are:

1-NO spamming. If you want MP3's why would you put out the site sharing them? Plus, EVERYTHING is logged. If I catch you spamming, you WILL be banned, NO second chances because you read this before you get the files so I can't say I didn't warn you.......

2-Only one song at a time, hence the spamming rule.

3-There is an eight person limit on my ftp at a time. I enjoy bandwidth on MY connection also......

4-There is a 10 minute idle auto-kick. If you're not doing anything for 10 minutes, off you go. There is no point in you sitting on my server if you're not getting files if someone else wants to get on and get some. You're just wasting bandwidth and space I don't need to share to noone when I could be sharing it for an active guest. It's just common sense.

          That's about it for the rules.

          Now My list for music I have:

Complete OST's

Actraiser Symphonic Suite
Akumajo Dracula Best Volume 1 *
Akumajo Dracula Best Volume 2 *
Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2)
Chocobo Racing*
Chrono Trigger*
Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time *
Doom Custom Playstation Edition
Diablo 2 OST (came in the Limited Edition game release as a pack in)
Dracula MIDI Collection*
Dracula X: Circle of Blood *
Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight (Midi Power Pro 6)
Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight (Castlevania Symphony of the Night)
Dragon Quest I Symphonic Suite*
Dragon Quest VII Symphonic Suite and OST (it's a double CD album)
Final Fantasy Anthology #
Final Fantasy 1987-1994*
Final Fantasy Pray
Final Fantasy Love Will Grow *
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite
Final Fantasy III OSV
Final Fantasy III Eternal Legend of the Wind *
Final Fantasy IV OST+
Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon
Final Fantasy IV: Piano Collections *
Final Fantasy V (Will be released when labeled properly)
Final Fantasy V+1
Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends *
Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale
Final Fantasy VII OST
Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Final Fantasy VIII OST+
Final Fantasy VIII: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
Final Fantasy IX OST+
Final Fantasy IX Plus
Final Fantasy Tactics*
Final Fantasy Tactics Unreleased Tracks
F-Zero X Guitar Arrange Edition *
Gradius III Symphonic Poetry
Grandia OST
Grandia OST II
The Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time Hyrule Symphony
Metal Gear Solid
Orchestral Game Concert 1
Orchestral Game Concert 2+
Orchestral Game Concert 3+
Orchestral Game Concert 4+
Orchestral Game Concert 5+
Princess Mononoke (not game music but rules anyway)
Mononoke HIME (Arranged Versions of some Soundtrack songs)
R-Type Special
Seiken Densetsu II (Secret of Mana) OSV *
Shenmue Orchestra Version
Soul Calibur
Star Ocean The Second Story
Star Ocean The Second Story Arrange Album
Street Fighter Instrumental
Super Metroid: Sound in Action *
Tekken Tag Tournament PS2 Direct Audio
Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie Profile Arrange Album
Xenogears Creid
Ys V Orchestra Version

Incomplete OST's

Chrono Cross (Neo is sending me)
Twisted Metal 2 World Tour


Final fantasy VIII Eyes on Me Single
Final Fantasy X Prelude
Legend of Mana Music Selection (came with the pre-order of LoM at EB)
4 Unreleased Tracks from Diablo 2 (can be found in the Diablo 2 folder named [Bonus Track] at the end)

* = Ones Neo sent me
+ = Evk sent me
# = Khanah Pham sent me
I am not posting the Grandia# album until I am 100% sure which album it is. If you don't find ones avaliable that are on the list, that means that they are being labelled and will be there eventually..

Current Favorite Album
Final Fantasy Pray

          OMG how did I NOT listen to this earlier when I first got it? First of all it's Orchestrated,second it's all vocal also, and third the singer is SOOOO good. PLEASE tell me someone that can sing as well as she can that can FLUENTLY sing 4 different languages!! When I first heard a song from this album it was track 2 The Promised Land (I got it from a friend and they labelled it as a FF VII track). She also sings in a few more FF albums but GAWD does this album RULE. My 3 favorite songs are 2-Promised Lane,7-Voyage, and 9-Once You Meet Her. All day today at work I got Once You Meet Her stuck in my head. I did a partial re-mix of that track, I just repeatd my favorite part because it's short, but I guess it's ok. Download this album or die ;D

Favorite Song of the Week
Final Fantasy Pray -07-Voyage and -09-Once You Meet Her

          MAN I LOVE these songs. These songs are very good and are easily on my favorites list of Final Fantasy songs. Just download them and find out for yourself how good they are. You can download the one I made if you want, I just repeated the part I liked the most in the song (track 9). It's soothing but also powerful at the same time.


        I have an upload dir if you wanna drop me off anything you think I might have interest in. I'm basically into symphonic music, so any symphony music you think is good, if you want, you can slide it my way. I WILL NOT accept incomplete OST's, or ones with defects in it. I will also ONLY accept them IN MP3 format at AT LEAST 128k 44hz. AND you HAVE to send them to me IN THIER ORIGINAL FORM. If you zip it or RAR it etc... I will throw it out regardless, for security reasons. Once this is up I will do everything to ensure it NOT to go down.

Neo's Savior (shameless plug)

*Gay ass Disclaimer alert!!!!* I'm sorry I have to put this on, but it's necessary I personally cannot get in trouble with sharing these files because I own 3/4 of the OST's I have. But I am not responsible if you get in trouble with posession of them (HIGHLY fucking unlikely). If you do not own the cd's, you cannot have them for 24 hours after download of face the fact you're doing something illegal (like you don't have 70% of your software hacked anyway?) and hang your head in shame ;)

Thankyou for ignoring my lame useless disclaimer.

          If you are interested in slapping me some MP3's I am looking for or if you just wanna say Hi or thanks, my E-Mail is Thanks again for listening now ONTO THE MUSIC!!!!!
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